CAF’s strength lies in its members – a group of highly successful men and women, residing or having interest in the greater Charlotte Region.  The membership represents a variety of professional experiences and include those having direct experience in high growth industries and technologies. 


Being A Member

All members must be “accredited investors,” by definition of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

CAF is a committed capital fund.  This means that a member must invest a certain amount to buy into the fund.

In addition members have the option of making additional non-fund dilutive investments in invested companies.  This add-on option allow members the ability to participate more fully in companies/industries that they have experience or more direct interest in.

CAF is a member managed group, where each member is afforded a vote on all activities of the fund.  Based on this model and desire of the fund to grow and operate properly the active participation by each member is strongly encouraged, but more importantly necessary. Being a member provides opportunities to participate throughout the investment process, including:

  • Sourcing deals
  • Screening potential portfolio companies
  • Monthly meetings with company presentations
  • Due diligence efforts
  • Board service
  • Mentoring entrepreneurs


Active Members

All members are encouraged to actively participate in the investment process, attending screening and monthly member presentations, making personal add-on investments as individually desired, and responding to Fund Executive requests for special expertise or input as he and members conduct due diligence on prospects and assist CAF’s portfolio companies.  It is understood that availability to participate may vary by member over the life of the fund and that some members will be more active than others.



It is anticipated that “advisors” with venture capital experience will be selected to assist with information regarding trends and opportunities in their industry.  This knowledge is valuable since venture funds are candidates to provide follow-on capital in the investment continuum.

If you are considering joining CAF, know that you will be working with like-minded members that are looking to invest, mentor and grow the best early stage businesses in the region. You will have an option to serve on various due diligence committees to review companies where you have a deep understanding of the market or technology. You will also have the opportunity to get to know aspiring entrepreneurs at a personal level and assist them with growing their business.
— Rob Cummings (Co-Founder @ DealCloud)