Charlotte Angel Fund Invests in InHerSight

Robust User Community and Increasing Societal Focus on Women’s Workplace Issues Drive Funding

Charlotte, NC – Early stage investment group Charlotte Angel Fund announced today a $100,000 investment in InHerSight., a company focused on bringing transparency to the working world for women.  This investment was a part of the Company’s $750,000 equity funding round. This is the Fund’s tenth investment since formation in December 2013. 

InHerSight, based in Durham, NC, has created a company ratings and jobs platform for women.  Among the factors making this an attractive investment were the more than 37,000 rated companies and the increasing awareness and importance of women’s workplace issues.

In addition to funding from Charlotte Angel Fund, participants in the InHerSight funding round included The Motley Fool and Hunt Technology Ventures, L.P. 

A significant factor in the Fund’s investment selection was the strong InHerSight co-founding team of Ursula Mead, Daniel Stapleton, and Adam Hill, who were in leadership roles at The Motley Fool prior to founding InHerSight. Their experience and expertise in user community development gained at The Motley Fool is a significant asset to the Company.

“InHerSight has done a terrific job of building a community that is exchanging of information about the items which matter most to women in the workplace,” stated Greg Brown, Charlotte Angel Fund’s Administrator.   “Insights gained from this will be extremely valuable to employers as they seek to ensure that they are attracting and retaining top female talent.  We are pleased to have participated in this financing, and look forward to the continued development of the company and this exciting platform.”